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Douchey Sushi

Oh, for goodness sake.


The First iPad Mini TV Ad is Honestly Catchy

Shut down and take my money.


Mila Kunis in a Lisa Frank Commercial

I love “That 90’s Commercial.”


Larry Woodstore Doesn’t Own a Woodstore

A rose by any other name would probably sell something different.


Honest College Ad

If only your school had been so straightforward.

Horrifying Ice Cream Commercial

We’re screaming all right.



Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A Commercial

Would you turn your back on supporting gay marriage for a free chicken sandwich?

Nick’s Commercials: Fireworks Emporium

Sup, 90’s? How you been?

Sup, 90’s? How you been?

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Hall of Fame: ShamWow Guy in Jail

With an infomercial legend in your prison, you’ll be saying wow every time:  

NFL Crunch Time

From the makers of Powerthirst comes a football game so realistic, it includes prison.

Aaron Paul From Breaking Bad Starred in a 1999 Corn Pops Commercial 

You’ve seen the GIF, here’s the video. Corn Pops is essentially meth for kids, anyway.

Treadmill Bike Is Embarrassing For Everyone

The guy riding the thing isn’t the only one trying really hard.   

Beatin’ Down High Prices

With prices so low, you can pay just to destroy the furniture!

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Say NO To Crack, YES!! To Roller Skating PSA

"Prison is for people who have never roller skated." Except for One-Eyed Roller Willy; he skated some.

(Source: College Humor)