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"Please Use This Song In Your Commercial" by Jon Lajoie

He’s not selling out. He’s BEGGING out.


This Is Why Watching HBO With Your Parents Is A Terrible Idea

Your body, your choice.


The Ultimate Commercial »

Just Two Old Friends Talking Like Normal Humans

Super idea, friend. It’s great being successful and down to earth!


How to Share Games on PS4

Sharing is caring.


Deep Philosophical Video

Rumor is, this commercial inspired Plato.


Workout Video for Cats (Music Video)

After watching you’ll want to work out AND become a cat. 


The First Honest Cable Company

F*ck you. You’ll take what we give you.


Moonwalking Pony

Bust a hoof.


Fixing a Bad Tattoo

Body ink bad, it go away.


"Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That" Sweet Brown’s Ad for Dentist

Five Guys Guy was filming for a weight loss center on the same (parking) lot.


Jake and Amir: Work Out Clothes [Click to watch]

Nothing beats that “Gangnam” thing! You know, from the pistachio commercial.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “As Seen On TV” Gift Guide 2012

It’s all the best things 3 AM commercialism has to offer.


Jackie Chan Teams Up with a Condom to Fight HIV/AIDS

If you think condoms are expensive, you’ve never tried to pay Chris Tucker.


Inappropriate Songs Weddingified

You’re going to love them. Well, at least that’s what you’ll tell everyone.