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Stop being a sloppy drunk weirdo and start being a sloppy drunk weirdo…with CLASS!

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Sex Positions for the Heavily Inebriated »

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6 Incredibly Bizarre Google Searches, Illustrated »

An acute guide to cuteness

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Why War is Never Worth the Risk »
The World's Most Dangerous Magic Trick »

If Today’s Pop Stars Had Their Own Cartoon Shows

Also Lil Wayne and Drake here

Which would you watch?

The History of Beer Drinking

See what the ‘Present Day' looks like

Illustration done by the very talented Matthew Sargent. Follow his Tumblr: Skipping Infinity

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"How’d You Get That Show?" an Anthem for Jealous Stand-Up Comics

Tough crowd. To be a part of.


4 Modern Holiday Stories

Holiday classics, updated for today.

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This holiday break, enlighten your acquaintances with this insanely thorough guide of occupational information.

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