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The first day of class, I strolled into my criminology class and quickly take my seat. Shortly after, my teacher walks in and begins to read the syllabus aloud to the class. As my teacher reads the syllabus aloud, she announces that there will be no attendance and that all quizzes and exams will be taken online. Immediately after that announcement, two frat brother high high five and yell “Easy A”. They then grabbed their backpacks and walked out of class. This all took place in a span of 15 seconds. Wow

Classroom - That was amazing

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The Fastest Way to Drink Water

Yeah, but wait till you see how he pees.


I used the money from selling my old books to buy beer. I like to think of it of some kind of poetic justice.

My professor tried to ease the class into a question by asking “What calendar does the United States of America use?” A girl in front of my whispered to her friend, “I think it’s the Mayan”. The other girl promptly raised her hand and announced “Um… the Mayan!

uPick Classroom - Which calendar?

Shout-out to everybody whose dashboards and feeds are clogged with Mayans-panic right now.

This year in my legal studies class we were doing our crime topic, and one girl asks the question ‘So if a criminal is convicted of a crime, do they get to choose their own punishment?’ I can’t tell you how much my friends and I laughed during this class at their questions.

uPick Classroom - Of course they do

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Professor Lectures One Person Classroom

If a professor lectures a classroom with zero students, does he make any sound at all?


In 9th grade science, we were talking about the sun burning itself out over time. One of the cheerleaders raised her hand and said, “it’s ok if the sun burns out since we can get light from the moon”

Classroom - Light from the Moon

My high school had a uniform with button down shirts and there was this one girl who always challenged the dress code. One day in class my teacher got fed up and just straight up yelled at her, “YOU NEED TO STOP LIVIN’ ON WHORE LANE AND BUTTON UP THAT SHIRT YOUNG LADY!”

A few days before the election, my history teacher was explaining to the class how the election worked. When she started talking about the Electoral College about 5 kids from my class proceded to ask where that college was. We are Juniors in high school.

Classroom - Where is that?

In eighth grade, my friend and I were sitting in history listening to the teacher talk about Warren Harding. The teacher talked about his gambling and how he had once lost an entire set of white house china. My friend proceeded to blurt out to the teacher, ” How can a president bet away another country? We didn’t even own China!” I sat there and just looked at him while he waited for an answer.

In PE we have fitness testing, and this year the school bought push up counters that you have to hit with your chest. Being an all girls’ high school, there are some girls in different stages of maturing, and it became quickly clear that ladies who are…erm…well endowed, don’t need to work as much. I pointed this out to my teacher (A 6’5 ex navy seal dude) while the last girl (with 38C’s) was on her 34th push up, she laughed, and hit her boobs on the counter really hard and ended her test, my teacher denied that it was true. I got detention and a big fat ZERO on my test for not developing quickly enough. Slow clap for you, school…

Classroom: I’m sorry I’m only a size 34A, ok?!

Post your funny test answers and classroom stories here. What else are you gonna do, study?

Study Guide Has Unrealistic Expectations
…so does Dad.

Study Guide Has Unrealistic Expectations

…so does Dad.

When I took a grade 12 course on world issues, a girl who was thoughtfully staring at a world atlas (not a globe) turned to me and said, “What’s on the other side? They never show you the other side.” I’m still amazed she made it to grade 12.

Classroom: The Flip Side

Post your funny test answers and classroom stories here. What else are you gonna do, study? 

I heard one girl in my marine biology course ask another if sea horses were real. We were in our fourth year.

One time in grade 8 my class was doing a group reading project where we all read an article about something in a textbook together. This article was about bubble gum. One part was mentioning the biggest bubble ever blown was 20 inches across. In the textbook it actually says and I quote:”I bet you’ve blown some pretty big ones yourself but you’ve never blown one that big!” The whole class including the teacher laughed at that for 10 minutes after that and one kid pissed his pants laughing so hard.

Classroom: They need new textbooks [Click to submit your own ‘Classroom’ stories]