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Challenge Accepted!

There’s nothing wrong with openly falling for reverse psychology.

CollegeHumor Responds to Buzzfeed’s Fruitball Challenge

We accepted the challenge and took it to a whole new level. There’s no crying in fruitball. Buzzfeed’s original video

James Bond Challenge

Quit being a 000 and succeed at something for once.


Wearing as Many T-Shirts as Possible Challenge

Ripped Nerds is made up of ‘two unintelligent weeds, dedicated to making an entertaining video every week.” This week, they had the great idea to see how many t-shirts Liam could attempt to put on at once while still inside the store. It’s safe to say the manager was not as pleased as the rest of us with their stunt.


Extreme Getting into a Van with a Wheelchair

He’s the Tony Hawk of saving time.


Slug Gauntlet
Let the slug games commence!

Slug Gauntlet

Let the slug games commence!

So here’s the deal. When we hit one million Facebook fans, one of us is going to straight up get a beard of bees.

Yes, real bees. Yes, we’re serious. Yes, we’re aware this might involved peeing our pants out of fear.

The Cinnamon Challenge is for babies.

Spread the word.

The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge

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The Curve Appeal Confidence Challenge

Believe in yourself and annoy some strangers.  

Guy Eats Whole Onion

Behold the grace of the human spirit.

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Pizza Box Challenge Is Disgusting, Can’t Look Away

The pizza box cost $10, but future health costs are priceless.

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Fridays at Galweather: Mystery Drink 1

Clyde (Ben Schwartz) tries to convince Doug (Josh Lawson) to drink a mysterious beverage.

Kid Easily Beats The Cinnamon Challenge

Big deal, let’s see him tie his shoelaces or engage in a loving relationship

Hilarious Cinnamon Challenge with a Ton of Cinnamon

Next up: 100 Saltines in 60 seconds.

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