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Honest Women’s Chocolate Commercial

There are a lot of dainty, feminine chocolates marketed just for women, but, ladies, you work hard. You deserve an extra special treat.

Sorority Pillow Fight (with Michelle Rodriguez)

Just some harmless fun.

Balls! The Music Video

The Six Girls You’ll See Back Home

Let us give thanks for the hometown bar.

Back to the Future With Skrillex

Where we’re going, we don’t need melodies.

Why Blowjobs Are More Intimate Than Sex

For as long as we’ve been comparing sex to baseball, blowjobs have been third base and sex a home run. Here’s a compelling argument for why it should be the other way around.

The War of 1812: The Movie

Just as well-written as your 8th grade history notes.

Gandalf Street Magic

Middle Earth has its own David Blaine. Unfortunately.

Should You Post A Selfie

Watch - "Columbusing" Perfectly Describes Something All White People Do

Watch - "Columbusing" Perfectly Describes Something All White People Do

Jake and Amir: NY vs LA

Nothing fills you up like a hearty debate. Also food.

The Gun Control Debate… Told Through Nerf Guns

"You can pry it from his soft, foam hands."

I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video 

Can you make it through the whole thing?

Today is National Catfish Day. Celebrate with the Worst Catfish Scam EVER!

"Columbusing" Perfectly Describes Something All White People Do

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