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Who’s worse: Dr. Hannibal Lector or Zoidberg?
Should You Trust That Doctor? Matrix [Click for full chart]

Who’s worse: Dr. Hannibal Lector or Zoidberg?

Should You Trust That Doctor? Matrix [Click for full chart]

The Shining is a gripping, unique horror film that holds up extremely well and still looks incredible, but watching it now, one can’t help but notice that the famous climactic “Here’s Johnny!” line — which is also the DVD cover — ends up being a really minor part of the film’s explosive final sequence. The Jack character painstakingly axes his way through the bathroom door while his wife screams, then he sticks his face through the door, delivers the line, and instantly gets stabbed in the hand then hears someone at the front door and leaves.

It’s still a super-awesome and terrifying scene, it’s just slightly amusing how instantly-defeated he gets. Then he gets outsmarted by his son and freezes to death. It’s a pretty rough twenty minutes for that dude.

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Check out these new upcoming titles from the author of 300, Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Illustrated by Caldwell Tanner AKA Blogwell - Check out his new YouTube channel - Drawfee

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Why complain about people checking their phones when you could make a whole game out of it? Next time you’re at the bar, try these simple smartphone-based games to liven up even the most boring of bars.

Yes, I am prepared to be your hero.

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Time is DEFINITELY not on your side.
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Time is DEFINITELY not on your side.

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Why It Motivates You: Not all motivators have to be negative. If our country’s ongoing obesity epidemic is any indicator, the prospect of having something tasty to munch on is one of the best way to get us up off our fat asses. Think about it. If you smelled bacon cooking from the next room over, would you ignore it? Of course not. You’d drop what you were doing and immediately go investigate it because that’s human nature.

How It Works: Though most of us aren’t lucky enough to have someone wake us up with the smell of sizzling bacon wafting from the kitchen, we are lucky enough to live in a golden age of food laziness, and have easy access to technologies that can easily approximate such a lovely scene. Using food delivery services like Seamless as a template, the food alarm would have you floating out of bed like you’re a cartoon dog that’s just gotten a whiff of a pie. Just place your order and the time you want to get up, and the next morning, a delivery man will greet you with a bag full of deliciousness, instantly transforming you into a morning person.

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Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ Goes To College

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College is a time filled with decisions. What to major in, whether or not to join a frat and, most importantly, how to arrange the beds in your dorm room. Once you unpack all your stuff it’s really annoying to move them again. Here are the pros and cons for the seven most common dorm-bed configurations.

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You’ve played all these games. You just didn’t know it.

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It’s time to stop letting self-MENial ruin your life.

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