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Creepy Chatroulette Guy Does Call Me Maybe

I’ll never meet you, but this does nothing to change the fact that it’s crazy.


Acoustic “Call Me Maybe” “Payphone” Mashup

The solution is painfully obvious, but their voices are so soothing that it evens out.


Call Me Maybe Violin Cover

She’s definitely going to call you now.

A fan just sent us this shot-for-shot comparison of our Call Me Maybe parody. We’re into it.

Call Me Batman

Where you think you’re going Bane-y?


Call Me Batman

Okay fine, ONE more Call Me Maybe parody.

A Gotye “Call Me Maybe” Mashup

You’re going to like this, aren’t you?


Best Videos of the Week

Cookie Monster’s “Call Me Maybe” Parody


Call Me Maybe Parody [Full Video]

Actually, can I have my number back?

(Source: justtouchedawkwardly)

Call Me Medley

Call it catchy.

German “Call Me Maybe”

Hold on to your lederhosen.

LA County Prison Covers “Call Me Maybe”

"Here’s my prison number, call someone about it, and I’ll kill you and your family."

Chocolate Rain’s Tay Zonday Covers “Call Me Maybe”

The alternative title was “Choco Me Maybe”

Colin Powell Sings “Call Me Maybe”

Will it never stop?!? Is Carly Rae Jepsen taking over our government slowly but surely?!? A Canadian conspiracy if I’ve ever seen on.

Corgi Rae Jepsen - Bark Me Maybe

Watch this. Just, just watch this. It’s perfect.