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Blackout Morning

The morning after is the perfect time to ponder “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and other great mysteries of life


Bane Responds to the Super Bowl Blackout [Click to watch]

He’s Baltimore’s reckoning, and Bane is also super scary.

One Friday night I was at a street dance with my crush and needless to say I was a little drunk. I was talking with her waiting for some friends to show up and out of nowhere I grabbed her, pulled her close, kissed her passionately in the middle of a crowd, and then winked and walked away. She said it was the smoothest most romantic thing anyones ever done to her. Best part about it? I didn’t even know I did it until she told me the next day. Ive got more swag blacked out than i do sober.

Wikipedia SOPA Survival Kit

Wikipedia is down for today, here’s a temporary replacement.

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