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By Bill Bergen - CollegeHumor’s Animator

"I have always liked the tone and treatment of the Wish Fulfillment Series on CH. The series is like a visualization of 2 eight-year-olds having conversations about their favorite TV shows. Totally juvenile and weird, but hilarious. 

The real The Walking Dead titles are very dark and moody. But I wanted the intro graphics to have the same type of energy as our series. I imagined little kids making the sequence with whatever resources that had in their house.

They wouldn’t have the ability to film a deserted traffic jam. So they used Hot Wheels cars. No kid wants to touch real worms, so let’s have them pull a gummy worm on a string.

My hope is that the production looks high on creativity and low on production value. Like it was just thrown together. Which is funny because it actually takes a very long time to make things look so unsophisticated.”

Watch the full sketch - What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead  

Behind-the–Scenes: New Bleep Bloop Intro

Jeff Rubin teamed up with one of our favorite animators, Bill Bergen, for the new intro and Bill put together this short video of how he made it.

 It premiered on today’s episode!!!