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Baby Aunt is your age.  Baby Aunt still wears sweatpants with words on the butt, and she runs track.  Baby Aunt thinks it’s hilarious to call you her “little niece/nephew” and slap you on the back.  Baby Aunt doesn’t understand that when she hits you in the back it really fucking hurts.  That joke got old about six months after you both started kindergarten.  Shut up, Baby Aunt.  Nobody else thinks its that big of a deal that you’re technically an aunt.

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I have no idea where those really vague “life-affirming” photos that my aunts are constantly sharing on Facebook come from, or who makes them, or what their endgame is exactly, but they always have like 30,000 Shares on them, so in an effort to leech off of that attention, here are 10 Really General Affirmations For Your Aunt To Share On Facebook (please share).