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Jake and Amir: iPhone 6 - Ever heard of the 4G network? This is the orgy network. Yeah

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MORE iPhone 6 Apps I Wish Existed

Pretty soundproof business model.

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Back me up in the cloud, matey.

Back me up in the cloud, matey.

Apple Power Adapters are TOO BIG

They can make a Chevy that transforms into a gigantic flying robot, but they can’t make a smaller adapter?


13 Perfectly Nerdy MacBook Decals

An apple a day keeps the nerds content.

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Controversial street artist Banksy has begun a month-long residency in New York, and while it’s exciting to see his art on display here in the Big Apple, some of his newer work seems somewhat…uninspired. Don’t believe us? We snapped a few exclusive pics of his latest pieces from around the city to help you decide for yourself. 

Anyone Else Feel Like Banksy Is Getting Kind of Lazy? [Click for 4 MORE]

Obama Returns Shutdown Government to the Apple Store

Applecare, Obamacare… same difference.

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The Best Part of Sex: The iTunes Shuffle

No need to fake it.


Man Cooks Eggs On Macbook Pro

That new retina display is super useful.