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Some things get better with time. Like Alyssa Milano’s fashion. 


8 Truly Terrible TV Shows That Were on the Air Longer Than Arrested Development

Shows like Boy Meets World and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are often mentioned as emblems of 90s programming, but there was nothing more 90s than Charmed. Girl power? Check. Leather pants? Check. A Shannon Doherty meltdown? Check. This show had everything, including magic and searing stupidity. Shannon Doherty was written off the show because she insulted all its fans by saying that it was a show for 11-year-olds, but she was 100% right. Unfortunately, Charmed was produced by the same cheeseball buffoon who made 7th Heaven: Aaron Spelling. And Mr. Spelling didn’t care how dumb his shows were, as long as they made money and involved a lot of actresses in butterfly hairclips. See what other 7 shows made the cut by not being cut