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How “Smart People” Do Religion

Lord have mercy on you dopes.


Sustainable Kidnapping Kickstarter

Please give so that we may take.


Cash Cab Goes Wrong

Nobody wins.


Endless Coffee Shop Checkout

His name would have definitely been spelled wrong on the cup.


DVD Commentary: Running Into an Ex

There are Extra Features, but only on the Unrated edition.


Falling For You (Romantic Comedy Trailer Parody)

Love hurts.


Batman is a Terrible Liar

Riddle me this, Batman: How come you guys didn’t kiss?


The Morning After - Hot Girl feat. Jessie Cantrell

You’re perfect just the way you are, which is hot.


Leaving Something at Your One Night Stand 

It’s not me, it’s your stuff.

Starring one of our best buds, Thomas Middleditch!


Rejected Pitches: Oscars Special Pt. 1 (feat. Fred Armisen)

The glitz. The glamor. The garbage.


Oprah Joins YouTube

SO much easier than launching OWN.


Sugarboy - Chip Lockder: Crime Doctor

Sugarboy narrates the story of Chip Lockder, a renegade crime doctor who administers some of his famous face-punches and drop-kicks on evil mastermind, Skud Wilkins. Turn your head and cough.

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Want Fred Armisen on your Tumblr?  Easy.  Reblog this.

New episode of The Front Desk (starring 30 Rock’s John Lutz and featuring SNL’s Fred Armisen) from Above Average!

Who else wants to play charades with Fred Armisen? 

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