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Drawblem Solvers is the Drawfee Channel advice show where Caldwell and Nathan draw the solutions to your problems. This week, we are joined by Owen Parsons as we try to help out a fan who is having an awkward time on the bus. 

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Jake & Amir - “Credit Card" - Apply Yourself. 

Today’s episode: Standing Desk

Watch Sex with The Hulk and more funny original videos on

For Bruce Banner, there’s no such thing as safe sex.


Dangerous Wands - It’s the Mudbloods vs. the Mud… Crips.

How To Plan A Wedding In 10 Steps (The Honest Version)

Turns out “a lifetime of commitment” is the easy part.

Watch - Don’t Make Me Hold Your Baby 

Don’t do it!

Watch Adam Lose to an 11-Year-Old in Hearthstone

CollegeHumor writer Adam Conover challenged 11-year old Noah to a game of Hearthstone on stage at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Here’s what happened. Click here for tickets to upcoming CollegeHumor Live shows:

CollegeHumor Classic - No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan
That’s Josh Ruben BTW - Follow his Tumblr [x]

CollegeHumor Classic - No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan

That’s Josh Ruben BTW - Follow his Tumblr [x]

The new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie is hitting theaters in 2016 and we already have an exclusive SNEEK PEEK!

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Seriously. Stop Telling Girls on the Street to Smile

Telling women to smile is a stupid practice. Hopefully this makes you smile, but if it doesn’t, that’s cool too. I don’t own your face.


Finish reading If Websites Were Pets

That Obama, he’s just so fancy doing something, something, murda bizness as he’s in the fast lane from the White House to Tokyo. 

Barackdubs has up and done it again, editing the President’s speeches to sing the current pop song of the moment. Bill Clinton covered “Blurred Lines” last year and Obama’s already sung “Lucky” and “Do What U Want” (which is incredibly disturbing and I don’t want to think about doing anything to Obama’s body).

At this rate we should expect some sort of Now That’s What I Call Music: Prez Editionby the holidays. 

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Open Season - Texting Games (S1 Ep. 8)

Three weeks into the experiment, Andi and Eddie reflect on their successes (and failures).

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Open Season - Online Dating (S1, Ep. 7)

Eddie ventures into the world of online dating with a little help from Andi.

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An Honest Tutorial on How to Shave Your Legs

Shaving your legs can get pretty hairy if you’re not careful.