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Man Solves ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle On The First Try Like A Boss

Did you happen to see last night’s episode of Wheel Of Fortune? If you answered “no” because you have a life and were out doing something awesome, good for you, but if you DID watch it then you know just how mind blowing it was. Like seriously, I’m pretty sure even Pat Sajack shit his pants. 

Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line” Wheel of Fortune Fail

"Because you’re mine…I have the wine?"


Wheel of Fortune Fail

I’d like to solve the puzz.


Guy Can’t Solve Easy Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune

After that poor performance, he was relegated to “Deal or No Deal.”

Doakes from Dexter Solves Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune

Surprise Surprise!

(Source: College Humor)

Wheel of Fortune Used to be Crazy

This must have been back in the wild days, when they considered ‘y’ a vowel.