This Is the Absolute Weirdest Series of Stock Photos in the World

Generally, the point of stock photos is to depict a wide variety of generic situations that will then be licensed by publishers to illustrate their articles. CollegeHumor uses stock photos all the time, and we’ve found a good deal of weird stuff before, but when I was searching for “middle-aged man crying” (as one has frequent cause to do), what I found was so much more than a middle-aged man crying. It was the stock photo journey of a lifetime.

In the first page of results for “middle-aged man crying,” was this gem:


Obviously, I abandoned my previous search goal, because life had provided me with a new purpose: look at every single photo that model had ever posed for because boy, oh boy, there were a lot.

I’ll answer your first question right away. Yes, there is a close up of his presumably naked crotch being covered by two weird wicker slipper things:


Clearly, these are completely fucking weird, but, you know, maybe there was a perfectly logical reason for this photoshoot and the model was only ever in normal photos after that.

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