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Level 48: 2 days, 5 games & Skype on Xbox One

Skype Level 48 is a live, epic game-off where Jake & Amir battle it out on Xbox One. Skype is their only way to contact the outside world.

Play along & help decide the winner by adding Team Jake or Team Amir on Skype & voting on who gets helped or hindered. To see more visit

I Skyped Her Boobs »

St. Patrick’s Day vs. The Morning After [Click to watch]

Irish I didn’t make these mistakes.

Best Reaction to an Earthquake

We salute you, Guy With Weird Accent.


Skyping Dogs

No, don’t get me wrong, this is great - I just wish I could sniff your butt in person.


Kimmel Interviews NYU Reply-All-Calypse Student

"And lo, there will be a man named Wiseltier, and he shall be the first sign of the Reply-All-Calypse."


My mom refuses to speak normally when using Skype or any other video chat client. I can hear her shouting every single time she’s using it and I begged her to stop. However, I’ve noticed that she doesn’t shout when it’s a local call. I guess she thinks that when the distance between her and the person increases, the connection will be ‘weaker’ and thus the need for the shouting. Help me.

Epic Bush’s Beans Troll [Click to continue reading]

Epic Bush’s Beans Troll [Click to continue reading]

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Bride Slow Dances With Her Brother Via Skype

The Chatroulette honeymoon was less romantic.

Work Sucks, I Know: Issue #70

My boss just sent me this skype message:
‘Oh that’s too bad. I always find that a dollop of that original source mint shower gel on each of her nipples does a treat.’

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(Source: College Humor)