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If TV Shows Were Relationships

Congrats to CollegeHumor alumni Sarah Schneider (SNL) and David Young (Tonight Show) for their Emmy nominations today. To celebrate, here’s a video of them being office douche bags.

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Vanessa Bayer Gives Terrible Career Advice to Drake


SNL’s “When Will the Bass Drop?” Welcomes Back The Lonely Island (& Lil Jon)

Turn down for just one more minute, please.


CollegeHumor’s been nominated for FIVE Webby Awards including two out of five in the Best Comedy Short category.

One of them is for “HBO Should Show Dongs” with Emily Axford and new SNL member Sasheer Zamata.

Watch and vote for your favorite on The Webby Awards website.


Watch Chris Farley Do Matt Foley at Second City Before SNL

That van sure has been parked there for a while.


Leo DiCaprio Crashes Jonah Hill’s SNL Monologue, Recreates Titanic  

This joke will go on.


All Three “Inside SoCal” Sketches In One Glorious Trilogy

Before “Inside SoCal” made its way onto SNL, Southern California’s premiere lifestyle-show had its humble beginnings on the internet — here are all three iterations of the frantically-awesome sketch, from the original in 2011 to this weekend’s SNL version featuring Jonah Hill.

Congrats again to Sasheer Zamata on joining SNL! She’s been reppin female equality since the HBO Dong Days.


Congratulations to our good friend Sasheer Zamata on being the newest member of Saturday Night Live! 

Let’s celebrate with a glass of Second Cheapest Wine.


CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

SNL: (Do It On My) Twin Bed

Full size fun ;) don’t wake my parents.


News Anchor is Ready to Get the Fuck Outta There

Back to you, unemployment.


ICYMI - SNL: What Does My Girl Say (Ylvis Fox Parody)

No wonder she’s foxy.


ICYMI - Wes Anderson’s Horror Film (Trailer)

I’m shaking in my tweed slippers.


ICYMI - SNL: Boy Dance Party

Halelujah, it’s dancing men.