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If Your Friends Hated Everything Like They Hate Sports

"I don’t understand why people CARE about literature. Hello? It’s not REAL."

If Your Friends Hated Everything Like They Hate Sports

We apply the logic used to criticize sports to criticize EVERYTHING.

Hardly Working: Script Meeting

The writers assign roles for their latest smash viral video masterpiece.

Ancient Guardian Doesn’t Want to Wake Up

Ancient, slumbering gods prefer to stay ancient and slumbering.

Hardly Working: A Human Knot Goes Terribly Wrong

This is knot how you get to know people.  

Documentaries Out of Context Make People Seem Crazy

In these instances, it’s way more entertaining to judge a book by its cover.

Office Funny Guy Song (Suit & Tie Parody)

Because its a stupid tie kind of night.

What was your favorite CollegeHumor original this week? 

Hardly Working: Sensual Harassment (with Amy Schumer)

There’s no room in the workplace for scented candles 

Top 61 Remington Steele Episode Titles

This show was cancelled after five seasons because they ran out of puns.

Colors of the Wind: Stoner Edition

In the spirit of weed… Watch the.. spirit.. of weed… woah

Don’t Legalize Weed

On the surface it might seem like a great idea, but here’s why it’s not. 

Jake and Amir: Baby Bjorn

He was Bjorn in the USA.

Very Mary-Kate: Conference Call

Mary-Kate needs help with a homework assignment, and enlists the help of everyone she knows.

Bleep Bloop: The M&M’s Trilogy

There are three M&M videogames, and they’re all completely insane.