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Marc Summers, Kirk Fogg, and Phil Moore Talk Classic Nickelodeon Shows

The hosts from Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Nick Arcade reminisce about watching / not watching each other’s shows, the worst #kid# contestants, and props they took home for themselves. Dude, you didn’t keep the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?


Bleep Bloop: Nick Arcade & Other Game Shows [Click to watch]

Jeff, Pat, and the BriTANicK guys watch every TV show that was better than video games.

Bleep Bloop: Nick Arcade & Other Game Shows

Click to watch people watching videos of other people playing video games.

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The Ultimate Nick Arcade Megamix

Remember how host Phil Moore did a little song-and-dance in every Nick Arcade episode? Well this supercut turns them into the ’90s jam you’ve always wanted.

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How the 90’s Nickelodeon Promos Got Made

All those theme songs finally m-m-make sense.