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Music Videos Without Music: We Can’t Stop

This video was just nominated for a Webby Award for Best Remix/Mashup! Cast your vote here to help us win.

Awkward Rap

A hip-hop tribute to life’s most uncomfortable moments.

Just The Most Hardcore Gangsta Rap Video Ever Made »

Dunkin Love (Beyonce Parody)

America runs on surfboardts.


Senior Citizen Rap Anthem (All My Friends Are Dead)

If I don’t kill you, old age will, homie.


White People Crazy is a Genius Music Video

That shit cray.


Started from the batter now we hungry


Pitbull & Ke$ha’s “Timber” Sung in Family Guy Voices

Next up is Brian singing “Die Young.”


"How’d You Get That Show?" an Anthem for Jealous Stand-Up Comics

Tough crowd. To be a part of.


Snoop Lion’s Video Game Inspired Video for “Get Away”

Snoop Lion is the original Grass-Type.


Every Country Song in 2013 Was the Same

Originality’s overrated, y’all.


Luigi’s Ballad to Princess Peach

It’s a-me, shawty.


SNL: (Do It On My) Twin Bed

Full size fun ;) don’t wake my parents.


What Does the Spleen Do? Harvard Medical School Ylvis Parody

It’s gotta do something, right?


Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition

This is just fantasy.