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Awkwafina’s “Queef,” a Rap Video About Queefing

Smells like swag.


Get Off the Phone Song

But you should still stay on the computer and watch this.


The Thanksgiving Anthem

Let’s be thankful that we waited a full year to rehash this video.


Bound 3 (Seth Rogen & James Franco Remake Kanye’s “Bound 2” Video Shot for Shot)

Yeezus has risen again. This really is the end.


Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To Likes

We’re all obsessed with Facebook likes, but what if it went too far?

Updated PokéRap (With All 718 Pokemon)

Your dream of a new Pokerap is now a nine minute nightmare.

Incredible Daft Punk Medley from Pentatonix

She’s up all night to get those crazy blue contacts.


Alison Gold - ABCDEFG (Terrible Music Video)


Previously: Chinese Food (Terrible Music Video)


ICYMI - SNL: What Does My Girl Say (Ylvis Fox Parody)

No wonder she’s foxy.


LED Snowboarding Costume

Keeping the powder nice and light.


If No One Came To The Monster Mash

It’s worse than scary… it’s sad.

Cat Pictures - Sometimes cat pictures just aren’t enough.


Mixing Engineer Makes Shitty Remix After Screamo Band Doesn’t Pay

Somebody’s gotta pay. And I guess it’s gonna be us.


Ylvis - Massachusetts (Follow-Up to “The Fox”)

What does the Masshole say?


Hylian Skinhead (Link x Kanye West)

I’d rather be a Link than a Ganondorf.