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Priest Covers “Jesus Walks” in Cringe-Worthy Music Video

Jesus uses a walker.


Terrifying Rapper Will Put a BRICK IN YO FACE

Book him today to perform at your wedding!


Merry Men Jump and Flip Through City

They don’t call it jolly old England for nothing.


Sexiest Drum Cover of NSYNC You’ll Ever See

Somewhere, Nick Lachey is looking somberly at a drum kit and crying.


Trance Anthems on Two Acoustic Guitars

Personally, I prefer trance covers of Dave Mathews songs but this is still pretty cool.


Barack Obama Singing Timber by Pitbull (ft. Hillary Clinton)

Hail to the Pitbull.

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Worst Behavior - Punjab Edition

Started from New Delhi now we here.


Hot Asian Girls Dancing to Classical Music

Doesn’t really have to be much more complicated than that.

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Music Videos Without Music: We Can’t Stop

This video was just nominated for a Webby Award for Best Remix/Mashup! Cast your vote here to help us win.

Awkward Rap

A hip-hop tribute to life’s most uncomfortable moments.

Just The Most Hardcore Gangsta Rap Video Ever Made »

Dunkin Love (Beyonce Parody)

America runs on surfboardts.


Senior Citizen Rap Anthem (All My Friends Are Dead)

If I don’t kill you, old age will, homie.


White People Crazy is a Genius Music Video

That shit cray.


Started from the batter now we hungry