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Kimmel Pranks Coachella

Jimmy Kimmel talks to Coachella-goers about all the fictional bands that they’ve definitely totally heard of before.


Ted on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Next time he should have Seth MacFarlane on.


Jimmy Kimmel’s “As Seen On TV” Gift Guide 2012

It’s all the best things 3 AM commercialism has to offer.


Hipster or Hasidic?

There’s a strange overlap because the Jews knew about Brooklyn way before it was cool.


Jimmy Kimmel’s New Crying John Boehner Doll

This will go perfectly with my Nancy Pelosi boxing robot set.


Jimmy Kimmel’s Joe Biden Comedy Tour

If YOU tell sex jokes during political speeches and have trouble controlling what comes out of your mouth… YA MIGHT BE A VICE PRESIDENT.


Jimmy Kimmel “Child Lie Detector”

Classic good cop/overweight hispanic man dressed like the tooth fairy cop. 

Andy Samberg’s Anti-Cannibal PSA

You’d have to be high on bath salts not to like this and eat someone’s face off.

Jimmy Kimmel Staff All High Five Security Guard Adelina

It’s all fun and games until someone gets high-fived.

High School Porn Prom

With sexy results.

A Message from Your Kids’ Teachers

An apple a day will not make this go away.