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Why War is Never Worth the Risk »

Guess What Beat Both The PS4 and Xbox One?

Owen & Pat reviewed the latest and greatest video game systems. There were no survivors.

Taylor Swift Being Attacked by Ryu at the Grammys

Taylor receives a Swift kick in the face.


Senior Citizen Rap Anthem (All My Friends Are Dead)

If I don’t kill you, old age will, homie.


Electronic Arts Doesn’t Give a Shit

Don’t hate the player, hate the game company.


Game Night Gets Out of Hand

Obey the cards OR ELSE.

How to Unlock Secret Sex Scene in Pokemon X/Y

You’ve watched other “Let’s Play” videos about breeding Pokemon, but you’ve never seen one like this. Learn how to get a Munchlax egg, how to boost your stats, and how to watch your Pokemon do it doggy style.

Disclaimer: Everyone was harmed in the making of these shows.

18 GIFs That Show Just How Hilariously WTF Japanese Game Shows Are

It’s Sub-Zero’s time to shine… well not really shine.

It’s Sub-Zero’s time to shine… well not really shine.

Snoop Lion’s Video Game Inspired Video for “Get Away”

Snoop Lion is the original Grass-Type.


The 8 Types of People You'll Kiss, as Described by Pokémon »
BZZZZZZZT. Get off the computer.

BZZZZZZZT. Get off the computer.

Luigi’s Ballad to Princess Peach

It’s a-me, shawty.


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