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Venn Diagram: Things Liked By Babies, Idiots, and Stoners
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Venn Diagram: Things Liked By Babies, Idiots, and Stoners

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You have GOT to Try Heroin

It’s more addictive than Game of Thrones.


90’s Cartoons With Drug Problems Will Take You to Nightmaretown

Artist Paul Ribera decided to ruin all of childhoods with warped and strung out versions of 90’s cartoons. Have fun trying to sleep ever again.

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Winnie the Pooh Gone DARK

The Dark and Twisted Versions Of Pop Culture Duos That You Never Thought You’d See

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Wendy Has Fallen on Some Hard Times

Wendy Has Fallen on Some Hard Times


Stupidity kills.

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Artist Paul Ribera decided to ruin all of childhoods with warped and strung out versions of 90’s cartoons. Now you can wear the horror on you. Check out his store.

The More You Know, the Less It Matters

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What to expect: Comically dressed hallucinations.

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CAMP: Harry and Madge

Kids’ songs about sex, drugs and giving handies.

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Together, they are truly the highest holiday.

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10 Ways You Know That You Are a Stoner

10 Ways You Know That You Are a Stoner

How Not to Buy Drugs

Are you my guy? Are you the guy I’m meeting? My friend said you’d be wearing a hat. That’s not very descriptive though, there are like 30 people out here wearing hats. My boy said to just drop his name. So here it goes. Ryan. Does that do anything for you? Do you know Ryan? Cool, I guess you’re my guy. Ryan’s guy with the hat, what a foolproof method, can’t go wrong there.

So he said you had good stuff at a fair price. No, I don’t want weed idiot, I want cannabis sativa. Oh, right, I was just joking. So how much tetrahydrocannabinol is in this? You don’t know? I feel like that’s something you should know. You would be a horrible salesman in the real world. Sorry, sorry, I’m just saying.

I don’t know how much I want. How much is enough for me to get high, but not too high, just like a medium high. Is a pound enough to get me high…better give me two, just in case? An eighth? Of a pound? Oh right, ounce, I knew that. A dime bag? Wow, it’s that cheap. In that case give me like 20 dime bags. I thought drugs were a lot more expensive, I guess the economy’s doing well.

So once I have it I just tie up and shoot it up into my arm right? Snort it? Smoke it? Can’t I just eat it plain? Gotcha! I’m just messing with you man. But seriously, can I just eat it? No? Ok.

What the hell is this?!? What’re you trying to sell me? A clump of green dirt? Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Listen up mister and listen up well, I’m no fool. I looked up marijuana on Wikipedia. I know it’s a leaf with a lot of pretty petals. This stuff looks like dried up leprechaun feces.

So what’re the effects? I want to experience the world in a new light. What’s it going to do to me? I have Attention Deficit Disorder with a tad bit of severe depression, could that be a problem? My health teacher in high school said marijuana is a gateway drug. Is that true? Will I be snorting coke off a prostitute’s ass next week? This may be a bad idea. I’m really starting to freak out!

Are you a cop?!? You don’t look like a cop, but you could be undercover. Show me your badge! A cop can’t refuse to show you his badge if he’s a cop. I saw that on a show once. Fine, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re not a cop. But if you are I’ll be very disappointed. I hate being lied to.

Oh, while I’m here, do you have any opium? We were talking about that in my history class the other day, sounded pretty cool. No? That’s ok. What about tobacco? Oh, that’s legal? Convenience store, got it. 

Actually all I have on me is my debit card? Do you take Visa? No? Oh man, guess this transaction isn’t going down today

I’ll come back another time.

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Every so often, Google redesigns its logo for a day in tribute to a person or moment in history. Today, we are privileged to present a few leaked Google Doodles (created by one of Google’s staff designers) that didn’t make it past the design phase. We have also obtained the original notes from Google’s art director, which have been included for the sake of journalistic accuracy.

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