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Comedian Trolls Drunks on the LIRR

This fella bought a one-way ticket to humorous encounters, if you ask me.


Bro’s gonna need a Tempur-Pedic after this night of drinking.

Russian Dude Passed Out in Most Uncomfortable Position Possible


Guy Pretends to Be a Bouncer, Actually Works

Behold! The bouncer has become the bounced.


What You Say To A Drunk Person And What They Actually Hear

What You Say To A Drunk Person And What They Actually Hear

What if College Was an Extreme Sport?

GoPro or go home.


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What You’ll Need

  1. One Deck of Cards 
  2. One Bottle of Red Wine

How It’s Played

This is a fun twist on the classic card game Memory. Place the all cards face down and flip them over two at a time, trying to find a pair of matching numbers. Drink every time you don’t get a match drink for a number of seconds equal to the sum of the numbers on the cards. This is a game that gets harder the more you drink. I mean, you’re drinking to forget anyway. Why not make a game of it?

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Last night’s party was CRAAAAZAYYY - no one peed on my bed OR stole my Foreman Grill! 

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The world looks a little different when you’re hungover…

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Unloading Kegs in Dublin: Yeah, They Got it Figured Out

They keep it bubblin’ in Dublin.


Brunch, the meal that combines your two favorite things: breakfast and “uhghghhh why are we here, I wanted to sleep until lunch.”

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