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CollegeHumor Comment ShowEmily, Pat, and Trapp respond to comments and discuss:

Precious Plum: A Good Sword

The one where Plum gets her hand chopped off.

Breaking Bad Finale Wish Fulfillment »

Hardly Working: Script Meeting

The writers assign roles for their latest smash viral video masterpiece.

Hardly Working: A Human Knot Goes Terribly Wrong

This is knot how you get to know people.  

Documentaries Out of Context Make People Seem Crazy

In these instances, it’s way more entertaining to judge a book by its cover.

Office Funny Guy Song (Suit & Tie Parody)

Because its a stupid tie kind of night.

Top 61 Remington Steele Episode Titles

This show was cancelled after five seasons because they ran out of puns.

The Roast of Weed

Its all in good fun. We don’t want to ruin weed’s big day today.

CollegeHumor Responds to Buzzfeed’s Fruitball Challenge

We accepted the challenge and took it to a whole new level. There’s no crying in fruitball. Buzzfeed’s original video

Bleep Bloop: The M&M’s Trilogy

There are three M&M videogames, and they’re all completely insane.

Hardly Working: Butt Dial

Seems harmless. It’s anything butt.

Top 18 Kanye West Non-Rhyme Rhymes

This one’s a stretch.

Boston Charms Cereal

It’ll taste even better when you’re puking it back up.

Bleep Bloop: Rugby, Cricket, and Darts

Not only do we not know the controls, we don’t know the rules.