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Jake and Amir: iPhone 6 - Ever heard of the 4G network? This is the orgy network. Yeah

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Song of You

My gift is my song. And this one’s for me.

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Equality is a pain in the ass.

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Amir is the butt of every joke.

An app called “Shame” that emails you at the end of the day how often you loaded Instagram, FB, & Twitter. If its over X it’ll post online.

ALL NEW jakeandamir - “Copier

The butt of every joke.


30th Birthday | Bread

Jake and Amir: Grill 

Watch today’s new episode of Jake and Amir —> “Online Shopping


Jake and Amir: Online Shopping

Once you shop, you can’t stop.

Watch —> Jake and Amir: Grill

My mouth went double platinum.

Sweet creams are made of cheese.


Special guests Jake & Amir explain where babies come from, how they met, penis-shaped nipples, and what Amir smells like in this episode of the comment show!


Jake and Amir: Ice Bucket Challenge

Be a hero. Not a zero.

Jake and Amir: Headshots

A picture is worth a thousand ME.

8 Rejected Photobooth Effects

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