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1. Ariel Goes On A Bunch Of Failed Dates With ‘Finance’ Mermen

At the start of The Little Mermaid, 16-year-old Ariel (!!) is already jaded by her underwater surroundings and is desperate to roam the earth with the humans, and instantly falls in love with a Handsome Prince after seeing that he has a dog, a statue of himself, and isn’t a direct asshole in the 4 seconds she’s around him. But why is Ariel so immediately-infatuated with Eric and completely uninterested in her own species?

There’s an answer: The original cut of the film actually included a 15-minute “dating montage” where Ariel reluctantly goes on dates with a series of lame sea dudes, including a ‘Finance Merman’ who spends a the whole dinner explaining shell-trading, a seahorse from Flounder’s intramural softball team (who’s not bad just kinda non-talkative and boring), and a recently-divorced marlin who doesn’t get any of Ariel’s early-80s cultural references.

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