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For me, travel is about more than just taking a vacation. It’s about seeing new places, new faces, and of course, getting some exercise! And since the best trip is a safe trip, I always make sure to follow my “Four Essentials” checklist.
· Wool hat – did you know that 50% of body heat is lost through the head? Well, maybe not that much, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot! Crazy, right? Fortunately, winter hats are never out of style!
· Sweater – layering is important; try to use an outer wrap with bright colors or patterns, something eye catching! And it never hurts if it’s* a little bit festive!*
· Glasses – What good is all the beauty of nature if you can’t see it? Not much, I’d say. And since I’m legally blind, I guess I’ll be taking my trusty specs along with me!
· Cane – You might not know this about ol’ Waldo, but I’ve walked with a limp ever since I was pulled under a thresher on Pa’s farm. Fortunately my cane is sturdy, reliable, and fashionable too!
Well, I’m off! Be sure to check back for updates from my trip!

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