CollegeHumor is in the market for some new (unpaid) friends


Are you a funny college student who lives in the greater NYC area? Are you also looking for a sweet internship that will give you a chance to flex your comedy-writing/Internet-loving muscles? You are? Then you should definitely apply to be an editorial intern at CollegeHumor.

Here are the full requirements:
-You must be a current college student.
-You must be able to receive school credit.
-You must be awesome.
-You must live within commuting distance of our Manhattan office.
-You must be up-to-date on Internet culture.
-You must be awesome.

If you fit these requirements, send a resume and (polite) cover letter to CHInterns[at]collegehumor[dot]com


Do you hang out on reddit? Live for caturday on Tumblr? Tweet more interesting things than what you just ate? Find funny things on the internet weeks before your friends do? Cool, let’s help you turn that into an internship!

Intern Requirements:

  • Must be current college student and able to receive college credit
  • Be within commuting distance of NYC (Our office is located in Manhattan)
  • Be awesome at Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr
  • Be able to commit at least three days a week
  • Reliable and great work ethic
  • Winning personality, familiar with CollegeHumor, interest in comedy and unlimited free snacks

How to apply:
Send a polite cover letter and resume to

(Source: College Humor)