Last semester I had a roommate who would always make me look bad in front of friends, especially really cute girls. When ever he gets invited to a party he always asks me for a ride because he doesn’t have a car. So one day while we were eating lunch a couple of girls invited him to a party. Later on that night he started whining about how his stomach hurts. I was in the bathroom showering when he came pounding on the door telling me to hurry because he had to take a major dump. I told him to wait, that I was almost done. He kept complaining and said he was gonna ask someone else. As soon as he ran out, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the saran wrap and wrapped the toilet seat, knowing he wouldn’t look before he sat down. I went in the hall and told him I was out the shower. He pushed me out the way and ran into the bathroom. 10 seconds later he was yelling and I knew exactly why. He started yelling asking me to bring him so more toilet paper because I had taken it out. I stayed quiet so he’d think I had left the room. When he came out I took pictures of his butt covered in crap with my camera phone. I went to the party without him. When the girls asked where he was, I told them he had a wardrobe malfunction. He transferred out at the end of the semester out of fear that I had showed everyone his dirty mishap.

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