By Bill Bergen - CollegeHumor’s Animator

"I have always liked the tone and treatment of the Wish Fulfillment Series on CH. The series is like a visualization of 2 eight-year-olds having conversations about their favorite TV shows. Totally juvenile and weird, but hilarious. 

The real The Walking Dead titles are very dark and moody. But I wanted the intro graphics to have the same type of energy as our series. I imagined little kids making the sequence with whatever resources that had in their house.

They wouldn’t have the ability to film a deserted traffic jam. So they used Hot Wheels cars. No kid wants to touch real worms, so let’s have them pull a gummy worm on a string.

My hope is that the production looks high on creativity and low on production value. Like it was just thrown together. Which is funny because it actually takes a very long time to make things look so unsophisticated.”

Watch the full sketch - What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead