I Fought the Law: Issue #25

So my junior year of high school, my friends and I were making a video for my English class. We were already a few days past the due date so we needed to finish filming that night. Well, the particular scene we were working on involved all four of us walking down the street wielding guns and swords. We all planned on using obviously fake weapons. My friend didn’t have a fake… but he did have a 12 gauge hunting shotgun. We decided it was good enough and made sure that we did the scene quickly to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. Five minutes after we had finished filming we started to hear sirens in the distance, so we took all of our props and put them inside. We were waiting in my friends house for about two minutes when I decided that it was probably just a coincidence and started to walk outside. Once i walked out the door and past my friends garage I notice a police officer across the street pointing a M1A4 strait at my head and he screams for me to get down and put my hands on my head—so I did. It’s not until I’m down on the ground that I notice around ten more officers all equipped with Kevlar vests, assault rifles and shotguns. There were also three more cars driving up. After a few minutes of questioning and pat-downs the police officers share a laugh with us about the footage that we got earlier that day, and also offered to vouch for us just in case our teacher asked us why we haven’t turned in our video yet.

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(Source: College Humor)