The Worst Parenting Moments from Reality TV Moms [Click for all]

Mom lets daughter cry out for help on national television.

The Show: The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Accused: Teresa Giudice (and every mom in the room who let her daughter go through with this) 
Finest Moment: If you’re an adult and you think your life is interesting enough to warrant being a cast member on a reality television show, you can sign that contract without giving it a second thought. Now if you have a few children all under the age of consent maybe you could use a moment to think it over. Especially if your family is in the middle of some inner turmoil. No? Still want to do it? You sure? Well at least you’ll have the precious memories of your child crying out for help accessible on Bravo’s blog when you’re putting together their wedding video montage in a few years - More moments