Work Sucks: Holiday AND Compensation

I worked at a store for a few months, nothing out of the blue. As time went on tasks became more and more weirder. It used to ‘Get stock’….’Thanks’ then it was ‘could you count the trolleys please? cheers’ then I had to check a fuse, guess how that went. Soon time went on and I noticed they pay wasn’t matching the agreed contract. 4.98 was meant to be my pay but I got 3.69. So I complained and they said it went well according to them, but I knew something was up. So I left and started bugging the company. Turned out it was the company’s fault, wrong contract. So now im stuck with NOT getting the pay that I thought id be getting but now they owe me holiday pay AND compensation. Now they know how it feels to get fucked over. – Connor H

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