18 Signs You’ll Click on Anything That’s a List

1. That moment when you go on the internet…image

2. That feeling you get when you see a random number preceding a random plural noun…image

3. That tingle-tingle RIGHT AFTER your finger presses down on the mouse…


4. That thing where you’re scrolling…image

5. That meh whatever where you’re like um OK?

6. That WTF when you realize that the list you clicked on was a kind of mediocre example of human endeavor…image

7. That wait no what’s happening when you glaze over and understand the totality of your decision #wut…image

8. That help me when you DGAFimage

9. That please-help-me-I-need-help when you still own a Furby…image

10. That I’m-so-cold-and-alone-please when you bacon honeybadger Napoleon Dynamite FAIL retweet early-twenties…image