Work Sucks: My Little Princess

In my first year of college I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch (kids) store. It was a pretty boring job. Folding clothes, setting up new sets of clothes, saying the crappy tag line, checking out and changing rooms. One day I had to work the changing rooms. I see three girls who are like 12 years old and a botox mom with them all carrying lots of victoria secret bags. (Why 12 year olds need to buy lots of stuff from victoria secret I do not know…) So this girl grabs probably 15 items and I told her she couldn’t take all the items in the changing rooms. She starts getting hissy and calls her mom over saying how I wouldn’t let her in the changing room. I had to explain to her mom why 15 items weren’t allowed because you can only take 5 items of clothing into a changing room. Her mom tells her to give me the clothes she doesn’t want to take into the changing room. Well the girl starts throwing the clothes at me! When she finished throwing the clothes at me. I asked her, “Is there anything else I can help you with little princess!” Her mom asked for the manager and complained about me. My manager took me to the back room. Right when we entered he busted out laughing. He said that was some funny shit you said but don’t ever do that again. My manager told me to just stay in the back room till they left and do nothing.
- Justin B

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