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Gangnam Pistachios

This one typifies one of the most destructive double-standards in society today. Why is that when we see men dancing on TV, they’re always having goofy fun WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON, but when you look at the OTHER side, every single depiction of anthropomorphic pistachios shows them sexily peeling off their shells within seconds. This objectification of anthropomorphic pistachios is irresponsible. Pistachios are more than objects. That’s why we took the the time to anthropomorphize them — so they would have human qualities! What kind of example is this setting? Pistachios are more than just a shell waiting to be cracked open, and sometimes pistachios do that weird thing where they’re not split and you can NEVER get them open. We need to make sure that these more realistic depictions of anthropomorphic pistachios are presented in media today. Continue