Today was one of the best days of my life!

A little back story: 4 years ago, Jake and Amir were on a Ford Fiesta tour of the east coast. They tweeted wondering where in VA they should stop. One of my best friends ever/ roommate of 3 years, Steph (the Jake to my Amir), tweeted at them that if they came to Fredericksburg, we would get “Jake and Amir” inspired tattoos. They ended up going to Richmond, where we met them and talked about the tattoo idea (the first two pictures are from that time). Since they were on a tight schedule, we couldn’t get the tattoos then, but Steph kept in contact with Jake via email and he said the next time we were in NYC together, or they were in VA, we’d make it happen.

Fast forward to this weekend. Jake and Amir opened for Streeter Seidell (another hilarious Connected Ventures/ College Humor comedian) at the Arlington Drafthouse. After a few text exchanges and tattoo parlor changes, we met Jake and Streeter at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Georgetown. The amazing Matt did our tattoos and Jake put us on the guest list for tonight’s standup performance. The show was fucking awesome and we finally have our tattoos; 4 years in the making!

I love you, Steph (and Jake, and Amir, and Streeter)!

Gullies 4 Lyfe!

Have we ever mentioned that we have the best fans on the planet? Because we have the best fans on the planet.

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