Things to Say During a Baseball Game to Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking About

"Does anyone else need a beer?"
Baseball is a beautiful game that is best enjoyed while you’re relaxing. A few brews will help you loosen up, get a conversation going, and possibly even find the pitcher more attractive. Beer commercials go fist-on-extended-for-a-bump-fist with baseball, so showing an interest in it will make the people you’re watching it with think you’ve been brainwashed over the years too.

"That guy’s a bum.”
Nothing is more fun than referring to a millionaire as a bum. If the people you’re watching with seem angry, there’s your chance to find out. If it’s not an actual player they’re mad at, don’t worry, it’s probably an idiot announcer who’s raking it in or some fan who interfered with play. They might not be a millionaire per se, but if they can afford to go to a baseball game in person, they’re on their way there.

"How ‘bout some cheese?”
In a baseball sense, “cheese” means “fastball.” Every pitcher throws a fastball and most throw it a lot. It’s not always the right call, but more often than not, it will be the one the catcher makes. If your knowledge of the sport is so limited that you don’t know what a pitch, pitcher, or catcher is, this can serve as a great party direction.

Chances are if something happened—and you can tell if something happened by whether or not someone even ever so slightly hesitated before continuing to fill their mouth with food, drink, or feigned interest in you—it was nice. Even if the turn of events didn’t help the team you’re pretending to support, it was probably impressive. Look at how small that ball is and how fast it’s going. At the very least, that goatee didn’t trim itself.

" ‘Attaboy.”
If something happened and you know it was beneficial to your squad, this will let others know you’re in on the fact that something good happened, even if you’re not exactly sure what that good thing was. It’s pretty much the baseball equivalent of nodding when you have to taste the wine before the waiter stops being a NARC and pours you a real glass on a date.

”C’mon, blue.”
Any real baseball fan refers to an umpire as “blue.” Any real baseball fan also takes umbrage with how umpires do their job. Especially when they’re wrong. [Continue reading]