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Do internet relationships work? – P.T, Des Moines
Internet relationships sound great in theory. You can spend 15 minutes perfectly crafting a casual-but-hilarious response to every message and defy the laws of physics with your biceps. Of course, the problem with all of this is that you’re essentially just dating a photoshopped version of someone. And everything thing that makes the relationship easy—like ability to have long, meaningful conversations with them while taking a shit—can warp you into the kid who treats his love life like a sexy game of Farmville (water relationship, wait three hours, receive boob pix). Want a pen pal? Go wild. Want a relationship? Keep it offline. Boobs look better IRL anyway.

If you’re approaching a two-set at the club and trying to F-close how long do you cold read before negging to demonstrate value? – Ryan
Oh. Oh, buddy. No.

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