So I was at a Gamestop the other day looking for a copy of Uncharted 3. When I was at the checkout, the clerk was looking through the back for the actual game, as I had picked up the game case. What I didn’t know was that Gamestop requires the stores display their bestsellers, regardless of whether the store has it in stock or not. The clerk was getting a bit frustrated he couldn’t find it and said “I am so sorry. This has never happened to me before” I responded “That’s the thing with first-times: there’s always nervousness combined with frustration and the end result is mutual disappointment in the whole thing”. He started smiling until I added “I’m not talking about sex, yet”. That’s when he literally collapsed into a fit of giggles. It would have been even funnier if he had thanked me “for the experience”, but I am proud I made his day suck less.