I’m probably an exception. Being 30 years old and living in a small neighborhood, I decided that life became to boring and decided to go to college. One day i was in my garden, digging a hole - i intended to build a small pond. My neighbor came to the fence and stanted a rather dismissive conversation about me going to college at that age. He also asked what i was doing. Dripping with sarcasm I replied: “well, i gotta burry the bodies somewhere”. Fifteen minutes later the police arrived, made a huge scene and took me to the station, held me for a night, and released me after 24 hours when they realized their mistake. No apology, of course, AND I missed and important class. Retaliation! One night i hopped the fence and planted weed in his garden, hidden behind some untidy bushes implying he wouln’t check there. He didn’t. The weed flourished, i harvested some of it, then called the cops. They came in, found the weed, arrested my neighbor. That was three days ago and I haven’t heard of him since.