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Here’s a list of some of the people behind CollegeHumor. We all have unique and beautiful Tumblrs to entertain you further.

Sam Reich - Director of Original Content

Streeter Seidell - Editor-in-Chief of CollegeHumor

Caldwell Tanner - Senior Illustrator

Josh Ruben - Director, Writer

Vincent Peone - Director, DP

Susanna Wolff - Managing Editor

Patrick Cassels - Head Writer

Jeff Rosenberg - Head Writer

Will Stephen - Politics Editor, Writer

Alex Watt - UGC Editor, Writer

Hannah Grant - UGC Editor

Dan Gurewitch - Senior Writer

Kevin Corrigan - Writer

Mike Trapp - Writer

Emily Axford - Writer

Adam Conover - Writer

Hallie Cantor - Writer

Tom Philip - Writer

Owen Parsons - Writer

John Zanussi - Director of Front End Development

Abbi Crutchfield - Social Media Manager