Universal Studios used to have something calledThe Star Trek Adventure. Guests would volunteer for parts, dress up in costume, and put on a show. Then, Universal would sell those volunteers a VHS tape of the experience for $40. When I was about eight-years-old I was lucky enough to be chosen, and of course we had to get the tape. 

I play the littlest member of Enterprise away team, a part for which I apparently grew a mullet. Enjoy.

I dug this one out of the archives in honor of tomorrow’s Star-Trek-themed Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. Well, to be honest I was going to dig it out of the archives anyway, but in honor of the episode I’m putting it on my blog.

TLDNR: Here’s a great video of  90s Jeff Rubin with a mullet and enjoying the crap out of being in a Universal Studio’s Star Trek show.