How To Start A Secret Society

My college didn’t have secret societies and that was no fun at all. I always wanted to be in one. One night, my roommates and I concocted a plan whereby we could start a secret society, give it a history and create a system that would renew it with fresh members each year. We never executed our plan but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

  • Pick a name. I think we settled on The Order of the Ram (a ram being our school mascot). Translate that name into latin and create a seal.
  • Get 48 rings/buttons made bearing the seal. The more expensive the metal, the better.
  • Pick 12 Juniors you want to be members of your secret society. It’s better if they’re not friends and have a wide range of talents and interests. (that way they’re more likely not to question it) One night, present them all with rings/buttons and say that they have been selected for membership (make sure you and your friends are all wearing the ring/button, too). Explain it’s (fake) history and purpose (which should be something like “To foster a kindred brotherhood between those ______ members who have already made their way in the world and those who are about to embark.” Something that implies it’s a powerful alumni network that will help them professionally.) A good tip when it comes to picking an age for the society is to find the halfway mark in your school’s history and subtract 8 years. So if your school was founded in 1868, your society should date from 1932.

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