Yo yo yo hunger games day! Stop bY after the reaping for 6 kegs, jungle juice, and beer pong.

So I guess I’m a Tribute now. Oh well, bitches love Tributes LOL

All aboard the party train to the capital! This is mad stocked with booze.

Chick tribute is crying n shit. Boner kill cuz she’s got a esweet rack.

i fcking miss you all so mch alreahy i dnt wanta die please lcome get me onow seriouslty im sorry 4 everthnig and i luve you so uhc im scared

Last nights tweets were a total goof. haha bet you thought I was serious but I was just joshin ya.

This costume is gaAaaaaay. Cinna is a dick.

Man, I am hungover as fuq again today. And late for training. #sorryforpartying

Training is ballz. Skipped the ropes. I’m not tryna learn that cats craddle shit. I’ll be busy slicing and dicing hahaha

Pulled the shit out of my hammy at the spear throwing station today. What kind of bullshit weapon is a spear? Gimme some CoD shit.

Yo @MooseBro69, pwned the shit out of some n00b council members. Threw a keg like 5 feet.


YO I was all state high school track, not even worried about the race for supplies.

Seriously?? We’re just gonna start killing people right away?? Fuck man.

Anyone wanna be in an alliance? #nohomo

Fuck, it’s cold. Like when Moose broke the heater at Delta Kappa haha

Getting real hungry. Not eating this leafy shit. Someone send me some food?

The fuck am I supposed to do with a box of Hot Pockets?

Gonna try to catch some z’s in this tree that’s uglier than Moose’s last girlfriend.


Can someone google what you’re supposed to do with arrow through the stomach? Leave it in? Take it out?

Don’t thik the answer was to take it out. Bleedin real hard yo.

Can someone send me the painkillers. all of them. dizzy as fuq

Tell moose I love him